Who am I?

My name is Marek Ingr.

Where I am from?

Currently living in a small village close to Moravské Budějovice in the Czech republic.

What do I do?

I am a software architect and developer. I specialize in development of non-visual applications, as services, libraries, drivers, etc. Almost everything I did is related to the computer hardware peripherals or to the communication generally.

Programming languages I largely use: Delphi, C/C++.

Already implemented, integrated and developed:

  • smartcards - software for smart card readers, editor for GSM SIM cards, PC/SC or ISO7816 direct implementation over RS232, experiences with bank, satellite and other chip cards
  • cryptography - implementaion of 3DES, MAC algorithms, Keys derivations, PIN verifications, smartcard security, HSM integration
  • POS peripherals - barcode scanners, POS printers, customer VFD displays, RFID or magnetic card readers, EFT terminals
  • petrol station - forecourt technologies integration - price poles, tank gauge systems, fuel dispensers, car wash devices, DOMS, IFSF
  • acquiring - card authorization solution based on ISO 8583
  • networking - lots of tcp/ip based servers and services

You may visit my private projects page too.